When it comes to creating a permanent memorial, there are many options available. We can advise you and guide you through the whole design and application process to create a fitting and personal memorial. We will provide a full written estimate whether you want a new memorial, an additional inscription or complete refurbishment of an existing memorial (VAT and application fees included).

New Memorials

When choosing a new memorial we strongly recommend looking at the memorials in the churchyard or cemetery where the memorial is going to be placed, to see the materials and colours used in natural light and weather conditions. You will also get an idea of what memorials are permitted by the Churchyard or Cemetery. We can provide you with a brochure and price list for our memorials on request or design a bespoke memorial. The following should be considered when designing a memorial:

  • Colour
  • Shape
  • Style and colour of lettering
  • Wording
  • Type of material, for example granite or marble
  • Finish (polish honed rustic)
  • Application of a design or photo plaque
  • Space for future inscriptions

Additional Inscriptions

If you require an additional we will match the original lettering style and colour and restore the memorial to its original condition. Often it is necessary to replace the fixings to meet cemetery regulations. We will advise you of all the work required and the costs involved.


Over time memorials can deteriorate due to weather conditions and the position. Contact us today for your free no obligation quote. (please have the details of the memorial to hand so we can inspect the memorial first)

Cemetery Memorials

Restrictions and guide lines are set by the local councils. Restricting sizes and the use of full size kerb sets are only available in selected areas. These rules must be adhered to at all times.

Churchyard Memorials

Permission for Memorials has to be given by the incumbent in charge, who will check that the application complies with the rules set by the local diocese.  Regarding suitable material such as granites in a light grey or dark grey but with a honed (matt) finish, a natural coloured stone i.e. Yorkstone, Nabresina or Sandstone. In most areas, there are restrictions on designs and lettering colour used on memorials.

Chargeable fees in Cemeteries and Churchyards

The fixing of a memorial in either a churchyard or a cemetery will incur an approval application fee, which can vary from place to place and the size of the proposed memorial.  We will advise you of these costs.